Shoe Care Kit

Vampwelt is the first brand to launch a shoe care kit.

shoe care kit

Pakistan, be ready! The shoe that outclasses in every form, is here for you to make the best out of.




Contents of The Shoe-Care Kit:

  • 1 Shoehorn,
  • 1 Big Brush,
  • 1 Applicator Brush,
  • 3 Shoe creams,
  • 1 Booklet,
  • 1 Thank you Card,
  • 1 Package Box (to keep the items in)

Hurry up and place your orders now! This must-have item cannot be missed out on.



How to Clean the Shoes?

(Using Shoe cream)

  1. Take a dry cloth or brush and wipe off dust carefully.
  2. Once the shoe is clean, now apply shoe cream using silk fabric so it spreads evenly.
  3. Use the bigger brush to rub it enough that it starts to shine.
  4. Use the applicator brush to reach small corners and any spots that you have missed.




Suede Shoe Care:

Suede leather requires the most attention and care. Here is how to deal with it specially:

  1. Take a dry cloth or brush and wipe off dust carefully.
  2. Spray the suede-spray all over the shoe surface evenly
  3. Leave it at room temperature to dry completely
  4. Wear when dry.




Big Brush:

(Bamboo Wood with original horse hair)

The Big bamboo wooden brush is a necessary shoe care item that you need to have.

The cleaning is made easier by applying the most authentic horsehair and 100% original, in order to give the shoe that soft luster that it requires.


Applicator Brush:

(Bamboo wood and horsehair)

This brush allows the individuals to reach all the corners of the shoe that the big brush will not be able to.

It is lightweight. small, and comfortable to carry anywhere.



Wooden Shoehorn:

(Bamboo wood)

The shoehorn is one of those items which will make sure that your shoe remains good for a very long time.

Instead of stepping on the back of the shoe or applying unnecessary pressure on it to fit your foot in, you can easily slide it using the shoehorn.


Shoe cream with sponge and fabric:


  • Brown,
  • Black,
  • Neutral (can be used on any color of the leather)

Vampwelt is introducing its brand new shoe cream that will help you to reinvigorate your shoes all over again.

The application process is simple and there is an added sponge inside the pack so you are able to apply the cream skillfully and thoroughly.

The shoe cream is used to conceal any scratches or marks on the shoe.

Suede Spray (neutral). 150 ml:

This Vampwelt Suede spray works as a shoe-refresher, to give your shoe a long-lasting and fresh look.

Brush as the brush firstly helps you clean the shoe and then you will head over to your next step - the application of the spray/refresher.

The best way to make your feet happy is to care for the footwear in the best way possible.

We hope that you will make the best use of our shoe care kit.


Happy shoes make happier feet!