1. What is VampWelt?

VampWelt is handmade shoes company. We deal in high quality bespoke or ready to wear handmade leather shoes. Here at VampWelt we are passionate about fine footwear. We build this brand to have a finest work of craftsmanship. We do believe in customer building and adding value to our customer’s life with comfortable and stylish handmade leather shoes.

2. I ordered recently from you but the size doesn’t fit me. Can I exchange it?

Yes, why not. You can exchange it and get a new one or even get your full money back if you are unsatisfied with our product. No returns or exchanges are possible on customized designs.

3. How can I return the product?

Just give us a call on the given number and tell us you want to return. Do courier us on the return address.

4. Where do you manufacture your shoes? Where they made from?

All are shoes are proudly made in Pakistan according to the international standards. We have highly skilled artisans and we use quality materials to make the shoes here in Lahore and deliver nationwide and all over the world.

5. Are your shoes handmade?

Yes all our shoes are handmade and each step is done by hand which is the traditional and most precise way of making leather shoes. Minimum machine work is done.

6. Do you guys only make shoes in leather sole or option of other soles are available too?

We can make shoes in rubber, sheet sole as well on customer’s demand for bespoke shoes.

7. I want to order shoes. What is the ordering process?

You can simply order us at our website. Call us on 0323-33-969-33, email us at info@webix1-5d1aef.ingress-alpha.easywp.com or get in contact with us on our Facebook or Instagram page.

8. Do your products have any warranty against manufacturing faults?

Yes surely we do give warranty against any manufacturing faults and would welcome our customers open heartedly to ask for a repair or fix the faults.

9. What is your return policy?

We want you to be delighted with your purchase but if you are not fully satisfied simply return your unworn product with 15 days of purchase for an exchange or a full refund. The product can be exchanges in a circumstance of the product being defected, counterfeit, damaged or if the item is not the one ordered or if there is any issue with product size.

10. I live outside Pakistan. I like your shoes and would like to order them. Can you deliver outside Pakistan?

Yes sure VampWelt can deliver all over the globe but delivery charges outside Pakistan will be paid by the customers. Orders from other than Pakistan will pay prior delivery via bank transfer.

11. Do you guys have any outlet?

No right now we don’t have any outlet but we are planning one in Lahore soon. For now we deal online only and do give 15 days’ return/refund policy to maintain customers trust.

12. What sizes can I get?

You can order sizes from 6/39, 7/40, 8/41, 9/42, 10/43, 11/44, 12/45, 13/46 in all designs available on website. We have few lasts having sizes till 49 so shoes sizes till 49 can be made in some particular shapes on order.

13. If we send you a picture of the shoe will you be able to copy it?

Yes, but we will confirm after seeing the picture of the design. We do work on customization so we can make designs you want us to. But customers need to keep in mind that there can be slight difference from the picture. Customers having bespoke orders has to pay in advance via bank transfer to let us start the process of their leather handmade shoe of their choice.

14. What is the delivery time?

If the ordered shoes are in stock then it will be delivered to you in 3 working days and if the shoes are not in stock then it will take 10 working days to get them and deliver to your at your doorstep via TCS or other courier company.

15. Can we check or try the shoes before paying to the courier guy?

No, you cannot. We don’t have any issue in that but unfortunately no courier company have such policy. They don’t allow customers to open the parcel before paying the cash. So you have to pay the cash first.

16. Do you use pure leather in your shoes?

Yes our shoes are made with high quality genuine leather. Upper, sole and lining everything is leather. We use top class leather of highest grades from Pakistan export quality tanneries.

17. Are your shoes comfortable?

Yes we surely know that customers want class with comfort and we also believe in that so therefore we use extra soft inner padding for comfortably and long wearing.

18. Can you make shoes especially for patients?

Yes we can make shoes for patients who have different feet sizes or wants to have extra comfortability or heel size for people having short heights.

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